If you are already using pay per click marketing or any other form of paid advertising online, you know how flexible this type of marketing can be.  Google PPC, for instance, allows you to place short adverts that are targeted at specific keywords.  Facebook paid advertising is very similar except it runs within the Facebook community environment, targeting potential customers by using their location, age, gender, and interests.

Facebook paid to advertising is extremely effective at targeting the right audience and it’s also a very versatile method of marketing.  We will manage the entire process of analyzing your market, designing your ad, choosing the attributes you should target, and monitoring your adverts to ensure they are working for you.  It’s essential that ads are monitored on a daily basis.  Trends come and go, adverts go out of date, and some adverts just become less effective over time. We will monitor your entire Facebook advertising campaign to ensure you are getting the best ROI and that your page and website is drumming up traffic in a major way.

Who Should Consider Facebook Ad Management?

Facebook advertising offers a multitude of opportunities but does require a fair amount of dedication and experience.  The management of your ads needs to be efficient, driven, reliable and cost-effective.  Ask yourself if you really have time to handle yet another administrative task in the middle of your normal business day?  If you are looking to target a broader audience, grow your brand, promote an event, product or service, and do it well, Facebook advertising can bring your business to more people, but it all needs to be managed the right way.

How Our Service Works

We will carefully manage your Facebook ad campaigns to ensure they are giving you the best returns at all times.  This means monitoring your pages and ads each day.  Statistics can tell us a lot about how your ads are performing and we can drill down to the most intricate detail.  We’ve invested highly in the tools necessary to analyze key Facebook data and we’ll also give you in-depth reporting on how your ads are doing and what we can do to improve those figures further.  With thousands of new users joining Facebook every day, there is always room for improvement.

Facebook offers two advertising methods; CPC and CPM. 

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille.  ‘Per Mille’ stands for per thousand impressions, or loads of your advertisement.  In effect, you are charged for exposure, or each time your advert is ‘seen’ by a Facebook user.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click and is very much the same as Pay Per Click.  Whilst you don’t pay for the listing itself, you do pay whenever the listing is clicked on.

We would usually advise you to choose CPC advertising as this offers the best returns for most companies.  In order for CPC to work well, your ad needs to be placed effectively so that it is seen by a large proportion of your target audience.  We will ensure advert placement in the most relevant areas to ensure you get the best returns possible.

A Receptive and Captive Audience

Imagine promoting your business to millions of people worldwide.  Even local companies can get huge benefits from targeting those Facebook users that are local to them. Facebook advertising doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t alienate – you can target everybody with a Facebook account and if they have an interest in what you have to offer, they will be receptive and press the ‘like’ button to follow all you have to say.  It’s really that simple.

We will promote your brand so that it reflects your brand identity, your personality, your business logo, and enticing words to encourage more interest.  Get in touch today to find out more.

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