One of the most important elements of Facebook Marketing is Facebook Management.  Without proper management, your page could stagnate, become overrun with abusive or damaging content, and stop attracting high-quality organic traffic to your website.  We have seen this happen with so many poorly managed Facebook pages, each becoming a virtual waste ground and doing nothing for the reputation of the company concerned.

Sit Back and Let Us Do the Hard Work

We take care of everything leaving you free to focus on your business.  We take complete control of your Facebook Management, building your page, creating fresh content around your business, and engaging with your followers every day or at intervals that you determine.  Whether you deal with customers around the globe or around the corner, we’ll help you stake your claim in the world of social media marketing and have your brand growing steadily within the Facebook community.

Here are just some of the tasks we’ll handle:

  • Design of your Facebook page including branding, content, and images
  • Analysis of your target audience and your closest competitors.
  • Daily management of your Facebook page including monitoring content, censoring user comments and images, posting of fresh and engaging wall posts, images, and other elements that will promote your brand and encourage discussion and sharing.
  • Constant promotion of your page to keep your followers interested – one of the problems with a Facebook page is that it can become dull and tired.  We will ensure that your followers are enticed back day after day and that they share their experience with others.
  • Bespoke services – In addition to our management packages, we can also implement bespoke services and add elements to your page that you may wish to add ‘on the fly’.  Speak to us for more information any time you need to.

Facebook Paid Advertising Management

Whilst your Facebook page will drive lots of organic traffic your way, there may be times when you wish to increase your presence further and use Facebook paid ads.  These can be a great way of placing your brand or product in front of millions of Facebook users.  One of the best things about Facebook Ads is that you can control your daily spend on a daily basis.  You can also choose to pay only when somebody clicks on or sees your advert.  We would be delighted to tell you more about the options available to you through Facebook Paid Advertising.

Flexible marketing puts you in control, but if you don’t want the administration that comes with advertising management we can handle the whole process for you.  We will run and manage adverts that target your audience based on location, gender, age, and interest, amongst other attributes.  Through constant monitoring, we can assess which adverts are working and which may need improvement.  Facebook allows us to pull the plug on any advert whenever we choose without financial penalty.  This gives even more control when deepening relationships with your community.

If you would like assistance with your Facebook Management or any other aspect of Facebook Marketing, we are here and ready to help.  Get in touch and find out how social media marketing can grow your brand faster than any other marketing platform.

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