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PPC Consultancy

Strategy Planning

Competition Analysis

Before we start building your campaign we'll draw on our own experience and use an array of tools to properly research your PPC competitors. We'll dig deep into their campaigns and set aside any useful insights we come across so that we can use them in your campaigns. By researching your competition, using Our Tools, we're also able to locate great keywords to target that we may not have considered.

Keyword Analysis

When you let us know the niche of the site you own or the products that you're selling, we'll draw up a relatively short list of primary keywords that best suit these products or services. We'll then draw up a much longer list of more profitale keywords to target — Then Track and analyze the most ones that brings sales and conversions due to their specific nature. Using Ninja Tactics to analyse the compeition, we guarantee to you low cost per click and more conversions for each strategy adopted.

Target and audience

We decide how to target your PPC ads, or you can tell us how you want them to be targeted — it's your choice! We can target your ads based on multiple metrics — for example show your Ads in a specific Location,devices,Age,etc. When it comes to Facebook, you will get the ultra targeted audiences that you will skyrocket your business. and the best part is to retarget your audiences using Ninja tactics and increase your sales and conversions.


The words used on adverts are extremely important —- they could be the difference between a 0% click through rate (CTR), and a 25% CTR. We’ll carefully craft some appealing adverts that will be like magnets to user clicks! We’ll get as many people clicking through to your site as possible to maximise sales and the number of leads that are generated. When it comes to Facebook, Lead generation, we wil choose the best rich content that well converts for your niche business.


As your campaign matures, we’ll be on the lookout for exciting new keywords to add. Filter the profitable from the non ones, and develop the most suitable strategy to your business by Scaling and Growth. As you make sales, conversions leads or any other goal,your PPC campaign will become increasingly profitable. As it becomes profitable you’ll be able to increase your PPC budget – the more budget we have to work with, the more we can build your campaign so it’s constantly growing


A PPC campaign is never, ever finished. There are also tweaks to be made and areas in which the campaign can be further optimised. If you ask us to, we’ll optimise your campaign on an on-going basis — we’ll adjust bids on those profitable keywords. We’ll keep your PPC campaign ticking along just nicely, whilst constantly increasing the ROI. Our Advanced Optimization Tactics will guarantee you Amazing Results.



                                         Make Your Business Visible To Potential Clients
 smartup-digital has the tools todevelop any numerous PPC management campaigns catering to any   size business. I can currently manage a large array of paid advertising campaigns for both national   and local businesses.
 Our service offers  targeted and customized Pay-Per-Click campaign solutions at a price that is   affordable and fits your marketing budget. Your  PPC Feeder campaign is designed to meet the   specific goals of your business, and delivers:
  • More traffic
  • High-quality leads
  • High conversion rates
 Smart-up Digital offers quality customer service and prides itself in listening and adapting to our   customers changing needs.  At Smart-up Digital we are dedicated to your continued online success.

Why Choose US

Why Choose Smartup-Digital?
What makes Smart Up Digital than all those other PPC campaign management companies?
Almost right away, you’ll notice that working with smartup digital is unlike any other marketing company you’ve ever done business with, because:
We take the time to get to know your goals. We see every client as a trusted partner, and always take the time to learn what you want accomplish from all your online efforts.
We study your industry in great detail. We know that there are no cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to PPC. That’s why we study your industry and look for every opportunity to get you a competitive advantage.
We take every aspect of the process into account. From stellar ad copy to landing pages that convert like crazy – smartup-digital leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of outstanding PPC results!
We pride ourselves on detailed reporting. To get the best PPC results, you always have to know what’s working and what isn’t. That’s why we’ve created some of the most advanced reporting techniques in the industry.
We let you see what we’re doing every step of the way. Transparency is very important to us at smartup-digital. So you’ll have access to everything we’re doing for your business every step of the way. No secrets with US– just knowledge, hard work and endless amounts of creativity in support of your business.
If you’re ready to get some serious results out of your next PPC campaign.